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Double Horse 9104 3 channel Metal RC Remote Control Helicopter Gyro

Double Horse 9104 3 channel Metal RC Remote Control Helicopter Gyro

Double Horse 9104 3 channel Metal RC Remote Control Helicopter Gyro
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What is a Single Rotor?
Unlike Co-axial helicopters which have two sets of rotor blades rotating in opposite directions to counteract torque and vertical thrust up is varied by varying the speed of th rotor disk while the tail horizontal rotor is only functioned the forward and backward motion instead of a swashplate - a "Single Rotor" spins blades that have been preset to a fixed pitch. A vertical tail rotor is required to apply transverse thrust to provide reaction torque to the heli's fuselage- otherwise the fuselage would spin out of control as rotor speed varies- so the tail rotor will have nothing to do with the forward and backward motion.

What is 3 CH?
1st channel - Ascending and Descending - is being done by the main rotor- Helicopters with "fixed pitch" achieve this effect by increasing or decreasing the engine speed (throttle) and normally it is controlled by the left control stick of the remote controller.

Attention: always try to lift the helicopter 3' above the ground to avoid "ground effect" which is the turbulence created by the spin of the rotor - will make it very difficult to control the helicopter.

2nd channel - Forward and Backward move - the rotor axis (mast) is fixed. Only the rotor system on the top can move in all directions. To do so- movements are transferred from servos via swashplate to rotor head. For the forward movement- nose of the helicopter needs to be lower to transform part of the upward lift into propulsion. The blade in the circular motion at the front (helicopter nose) pitch will be decreased.As the blade turns to the back- pitch will be increased. This difference causes the rotor plain to tilt to the front. Nose comes down and the helicopter flies forwards- principle is reversed when flying backward. (also called fore/aft cyclic)

Attention: with every movement to the front or back- the helicopter will lose height because part of the lift has converted into propulsion- therefore the pilot has to give a bit more engine speed to keep the height.

3rd channel - Flying curves - this movement is call left/right yaw and let the helicopter turn around the rotor axis. Flying curve is a combined motion of flying forward and turning around the rotor axis (yaw). In this case the vertical tail rotor works like the main rotor. Besides that it does not lift upwards but push air to the side against the torque moment of the main rotor. For the fine tuning and to keep the helicopter still a gyro stabilizer is used. When you try to fly a curve more or less thrust by the tail engine apply to the tail rotor and the helicopter turns around its axis.

Attention: new gyroscope make the yaw much easier and smoother nowadays which is very good for the beginners.

What's good with the Double Horse 9104

Double Horse 9104 is a Single Rotor fixed pitch helicopter is designed for the outdoor flying. Unlike the Co-axial helicopter which is designed for indoor with no wind- this is a perfect beginner bird for thouse who want to promote himself/herself from a playing class pliot to a professional hobby class pilot.

Although a Single Rotor Fixed pitch RC Helicopter is not as good as a Collective pitch Single rotor RC Helicopter-  A Single rotor fixed pitch RC Helicopter control and flying mechanism is fairly simple while a collect pitch single rotor RC helcopter cntrol mechanism is pretty complex and require more understanding.

In other words it is a perfect beginner bird to learn how to fly a RC Helicopter outdoor to gain your sense of controlling in order to move on to the collective pitch helicopter- and a very imporant thing is the Helicopter itself and the parts are much cheaper than the collective pitch RC helicopter.

100% Brand New.
Helicopter Weight: 432g (approx)
Color: Red/Blue
Main rotor diameter:535mm
Fuselage length:710mm
Fuselage height:185mm
Flying time: approx 10minutes
Flying height: approx 30m-60m
Control range: Less than 100 m
Charging time: 120-150 min
Battery: 7.4v Li-Po Battery
3 Channel Sport Helicopter with Built in Gyro full metal
Alloy structure- unique design
Electronic fine-tuning- flying more stable
All-round 3 channel control
Advanced intelligent balance system
New digital full 3.5 Channel  control remotely
Full function: up/down- forward/backward- turning left and right
Easy to fly

Package Content:
1 x 3 Channel RC DH09104 Helicopter with GYRO
1 x Controller (8XAA Battery not included)
2 x Extra Main blades
1 x Extra Tail blade
1 x A/C Wall Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual

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